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First Home Owners Illawarra

This is one of the things we do best…

Buying a home is a big step and financial commitment so you should want to know everything that goes into purchasing a home. As first home buyers you are understandably inexperienced in this process and what should be expected, which is why we at Be There Financial Services have created a kind of road map to help first time home buyers avoid and eliminate the stress of what should be a monumental moment in your life.

A home is a place you relax in, start a family in and a place for you to feel safe in, so a big part of the process if finding a home that fits your wants and wishes whether it be:

* Finding a house in the right neighbourhood
* One that’s close to schools or your workplace
* Is in your price range
* Has that extra room your looking for

This is why we pride ourselves in working alongside which ever real estate you purchase through to guide you & ensure both the vendor and vendors agent of the timeline of your loan application, exchange, settlement etc.

How you get your loan
We find most first home buyers are aware that as long as you meet the criteria set out by NSW Revenue, you are entitled to the Stamp Duty waiver and if you are purchasing a land and build package, that you can also be eligible for Government Grants.

The process always starts with an interview with our broker Craig, where he runs through your position with a Funds Position, Borrowing Capacity and Product Comparison of lenders that suit your needs.

Choosing local
First Home buyers tend to approach their childhood bank they have been with for 10+ years for their first home, but what they don’t realise is that by going to a Broker we have numerous Lenders we can offer for your application. This could mean that one lender is will to loan you more due to certain income policies, one may have no fees or a lender could simply be the best fit for you as your childhood bank can’t lend to you due to their policy. Using your local broker opens up more options for you and they have a great sense of community and understanding of the local real estates, banks, solicitors, conveyancers etc.

In the Illawarra area and surrounds Be There Financial services are a well renowned mortgage broker and are heavily involved in the community, so we’re loyal to our customers, and will do our very best to get you the best possible loan for your first home.

We know how scary it can be choosing the right home loan so let us do the hard work and relax in the thought that we’re here for you.